This Man Stuck In A Tree Gives The Most Hilariously Composed Interview

10.31.15 2 years ago

In perhaps, the most strange and hilariously relaxed weather television interview that has been broadcast on television, Austin, Texas, resident, Kerry Austin, happened to find himself caught in the torrential rains that have been plaguing the city. As the water from the flood began to consume and overtake his car, Kerry was left with few options. As his car began to float along to who-knows-where for half a mile, Kerry escaped his vehicle, grasped onto a tree, and climbed it.

And that is where Kerry called up the local ABC affiliate for Austin, KVUE, and begins to tell his experience to the news anchors that were completely oblivious to the fact that Kerry was stuck in a tree as the call was taking place.

“Wait, wait, you’re still in the TREE?”

That is the same question that every viewer at home was probably asking as well. Whereas most people would be panicking in the face of this stressful situation, Kerry deserves special credit for being incredibly at ease. This is a man who is 20 feet up, and in a tree as he calmly explains: “It’s a little cold, but I did Boy Scouts for 20 years, so I know how to keep my energy up and keep warm, so I’m doing fine.”

Thankfully, Kerry is down from the tree and safe and sound.

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