Stephen Colbert Heads To His Bunker To Panic Following The NYSE Shutdown

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07.09.15 2 Comments

The latest video from Stephen Colbert’s Late Show home on YouTube features the host in full panic mode due to Wednesday morning’s troubles at the New York Stock Exchange. A computer error reportedly caused the shutdown and everything got back on its feet around early afternoon, but that didn’t stop Colbert from showing that he’s ready to bug out at a moment’s notice and survive to be a king of the new world.

Like most of Colbert’s videos so far, this one starts off slow and soon dives into irrational hilarity. There’s another Mad Max: Fury Road reference (the second in a short span), a full bottle labeled “urine” in clear view the entire time, and a new chicken lover to be queen (complete with children that will “birth their own breakfast”). The happy couple even takes a second to post a bunker selfie on Twitter:

And then in proper fashion, Colbert references one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes to cover his lack of a Keurig coffee machine in his bunker. He was finally going to get a chance to test out those flavored coffees…it wasn’t meant to be.

(Via The Late Show)

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