Was Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator Just Arrested In LA Or Did He Fake It?


With today being the day Odd Future’s new album, Goblin, goes on sale, I suppose it’d only be fitting that Tyler the Creator, the group’s possibly psychopathic main component, would get put in cuffs, and it appears as though he has, based on Twitter chatter generated by the petulant boy genius himself along with a few eyewitnesses.

The photo above of Tyler being placed in metal bracelets was posted by Twitter user KarlaCuhkz, who tweeted that “niggas got arrested lol…at westchester high.” She also added that another Odd Future member, Jasper Dolphin, had also been arrested and that his and Tyler’s skateboards had been confiscated by the police — a detail that appears to be confirmed by the photo below.

What exactly the two did to get arrested and why the hell they were even at a Los Angeles-area high school on the day their record dropped is anyone’s guess at this point, but it should be noted that Odd Future has a record to sell and Tyler has faked an arrest at least once before.

Whether the whole thing was staged or not remains to be seen, but Tyler’s acting just as you would expect him to act if he’d been arrested…

And so is Jasper Dolphin for that matter…


UPDATE: Another photo has emerged via Twitter that makes me think the whole thing was faked, mainly because the cop cuffing Tyler looks too much like an actor to me. Also, TMZ hasn’t reported anything on an arrest as of yet, and you know they’d have done so if it were true.

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