An 11-Year-Old Boy Named Frank Achieved His Lifelong Dream Of Mowing The White House’s Rose Garden Lawn

09.15.17 11 months ago 10 Comments

During a press briefing in August, Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from a child named Frank from Falls Church, Virginia who said he wanted to visit the White House and mow the lawn with the equipment he used to mow lawns in in his neighborhood. Frank said he admired the president for his background and wanted to show what kids were capable of. On Friday, Frank, who is 11-years old, got the opportunity to show the president his skills by working on the grass in the Rose Garden.

Frank, showing how important safety is while doing yard work, wore earplugs while operating his gas-powered mower, which led to him not noticing that President Trump had emerged from the Oval Office to greet him. After getting his attention, the President high-fived him.

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