Hungarian Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor Is Dead At 99

12.18.16 3 years ago

According to TMZ, Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has died at the age of 99 after suffering a heart attack on Sunday. She was best known for her work in films such as John Huston’s 1952 version of Moulin Rouge and her nine marriages. The most famous of the nine was her marriage to hotelier (and noted “grandfather of Paris and Nicky”) Conrad Hilton for five years in the mid-40’s.

Born in Hungary, Zsa Zsa was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936 which kicked off her long career as an actress and socialite alongside her sister Eva. Moulin Rouge was one of her few leading roles but she acted in other movies and was once described as “glamour personified” by Merv Griffin. At times, both Gabor sisters were criticized and accused of being “famous for nothing” but it’s hard to deny that both Eva and Zsa Zsa’s style and grace far outpaced many other stars of their era — even if that was the primary basis for their fame rather than any measurable talents.

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