Hitler Hates Jeremy Lin, Because Hitler Hates Everything (And Morning Links)

02.17.12 7 years ago

What people think Hitler thinks about Jeremy Lin. What Nazis think Hitler thinks about Jeremy Lin. What he actually thinks! (via OTB)

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Meme Watch: ‘What People Think I Do Versus What I Really Do’ Reminds Us That All Jobs Kinda Suck – What Jeremy Lin thinks I do. What Kate Upton thinks I do. What I actually do! All just black squares. [UPROXX]

Chris Brown Has A New Pickup Line Sure To Make All The Ladies Melt – I bet George Jones is really happy he didn’t beat his girlfriend when the Internet around. [UPROXX]

7 Potential First-Time Hosts that Could Enliven the Stagnant ‘Saturday Night Live’ – I think they could benefit from letting lesser known, high quality writer/comedians host the show instead of someone with a movie coming out, that way a little effort would happen. [Warming Glow]

Channing Tatum Wants Fans To Pick His Movies – Okay. A Tree Of Life reboot, three consecutive movies where he’s an army guy “just tryin’ to get home to his wife and daughter”, then permanent retirement. [Film Drunk]

Our 20 Favorite Pieces From Gallery 1988′s Video Games Art Show – I would pay hard-earned cash money to have that Excitebike piece hanging in my house. [Gamma Squad]

NBA Announces All-Star 2012 Dunk Contest Participants – The most revolutionary change to the dunk contest needs to be “you get one chance to dunk this, so try not to f**k it up”. [Smoking Section]

Hall of Fame Oddsmakers 2012: “Macho Man” Randy Savage – Tom Holzerman and I debate whether or not the Macho Man will get into WWE’s Hall Of Fame. Like everything WWE related, who the hell knows? [The Wrestling Blog]

13 Things About Your Childhood You Never Realized That Will Blow Your Mind – I don’t want to live in a world where people don’t know Shredder and Uncle Phil are the same person. [Buzzfeed]

This Dog Looks A Lot Like A Penis – your entire website looks like a penis [HuffPost Comedy]

This the World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink? – I was with this guy until he busted out a Chuck Norris joke. Regardless, as a blogger, sixteen espresso shots sounds normal and awesome. [The FW]

Which Cast Aged The Best? My Money’s On Those Kids From Bayside – Well it certainly wasn’t the cast of ‘Seaquest DSV’, I’ll give them that. [Pajiba]

History of Nintendo’s Controllers GIF – Is it weird that I wish Nintendo was still making Gamecube games? I want another Double Dash game using the same engine with like 400 more tracks :( [Unreality]

Tommy Chong Says Whitney Houston Should Have Stuck to Ganja – Tommy Chong should’ve stuck to not talking about Whitney Houston. [Brobible]

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