In ‘An Emmy For Megan,’ Megan Amram Trolls And Panders Hilariously

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04.30.18 3 Comments

Megan Amram

As both digital comedy series and awards show tolling, An Emmy For Megan is a delight. Created by and starring Megan Amram — whom you might know as a writer on Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, from her book Science… For Her!, or from her daily “Today was the day Donald Trump finally became president” tweets — the six-part series, which you can see at, shows Amram trying to game the TV Academy’s system in order to win an Emmy in one of the categories for short-form comedy or drama series.

It’s as silly as it is self-aware, with constant references to the categories’ eligibility requirements, as well as Amram’s friends (including The Good Place‘s D’Arcy Carden and Westworld‘s Shannon Woodward) pointing out how increasingly irrational she’s become about the whole quest. And in my favorite episode, she attempts to pander for votes by showing off her musical talents:

I emailed Amram some questions about the series, her desire to win an Emmy at any cost, her musical training, and a lot more. I leave it to you to gauge the sincerity of each answer.

When did you first become aware of these Emmy categories?

I was watching the Emmys last fall from the comfort of my own non-nominated home and saw that there are now short-form performance categories. And I thought to myself… Wow. I can do that. I’m a good actor but I’m really good at short-form stuff in particular, so I think this category really worked out well for me.

How sincere is your desire to win? And how much of that desire, if any, is driven by the silliness of these categories and the rules about them?

My desire is overwhelmingly sincere. As sincere as anything I’ve ever set out to do. It’s less about the category and more about the award. I would really love an Emmy award. A lot of my friends have them, and they seem great. The awards, not my friends. I think my friends from home would think it was really cool if I won. I don’t have any major awards and I think me winning this Emmy would make up for Steve Carell and The Wire being snubbed.

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