Ask Alan: Long-Running Shows That Successfully Made Big Changes

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for the first Ask Alan of 2017.

With Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returning tonight after a brief hiatus, I tried to pick season 2’s best song so far, though I may have gotten a bit confused between what’s aired and what I’ve seen on screeners. Then I belatedly reacted to the pre-holiday news of CBS attempting another How I Met Your Mother spin-off (this time lacking Greta Gerwig), and followed that by tackling two separate but related questions — the latter of them with recent Vikings spoilers — about shows that went through major changes — whether a new lead actor or a radically different status quo — late in their runs and actually succeeded as a result. (i.e., Robert California does not count)

(By the way, the actor who played Bart Maverick on Maverick — whose name you may have noticed me mentally searching for as I answered that question — was Jack Kelly. And while Roger Moore initially replaced James Garner, he left after a while and was briefly replaced in turn by Robert Colbert, before the network eventually gave up and just alternated new Jack Kelly episodes with James Garner repeats.)

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