Ask Alan: What it’s like to get spoiled on ‘Game of Thrones’

Happy Friday, everybody! For this week’s Ask Alan, I decided to experiment with taking Twitter questions in addition to the usual emails to This week’s four questions are a mix of the two, and if you want to try tweeting questions to me in the future, use the hashtag #askalanday (there are enough other #AskAlan features out there that this would be less helpful, while #askalansepinwall is too many characters).

This week, I talked about my favorite current and all-time TV character, explained when first-time Lost viewers should stop watching, talked about TV shows being adapted into books instead of vice versa, and talked about a particular incident where I was repeatedly spoiled on a TV show. (FWIW, the Twitter troll I discuss in the video was far from the only Game of Thrones book reader spoiling stuff for me; he was just the most persistent/creative about it.)

As always, you can watch the video embedded at the top and bottom of this post.