Ask Alan: The best shows-within-shows, and cliffhangers that didn’t surprise

Happy Friday, everybody, and it’s a pleasantly surprising one for me. Due to some scheduling complications with our video team, I thought there wouldn’t be an Ask Alan ready for today. But it turns out the one I recorded earlier this week got completed before life got busy for the video guys. That said, there’s a good chance that this will be the last Ask Alan for a couple of weeks, and hopefully not longer than that.

In this one, I was asked to identify my favorite shows-within-shows – excluding ones where they were the whole point of the series, like TGS on 30 Rock, FYI on Murphy Brown, Sports Night on Sports Night, etc. – to talk about shows I wound up enjoying less because I was reviewing them weekly, and to identify other cliffhanger resolutions that were as unsurprising as what Game of Thrones did this week.

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Back soon-ish with the next one!