Ask Alan: What One ‘Simpsons’ Episode Would You Choose To Show A Newbie?

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for another installment of Ask Alan, this time filmed back in my office in Jersey, with the familiar decor rather than the plainer walls of my hotel room at press tour.

Last week’s question asking me to compare Festivus to Chrismukkah inspired another match-up between fictional pleasures: drinking games True American from New Girl and Chardee MacDennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

After that, I was asked a question for which my usual “don’t just answer The Simpsons” rule didn’t apply, since the question was about what one episode of The Simpsons I would show a newbie to convince them to give the show a try. (This proved very controversial among the Uproxx staff, where my co-workers tried arguing for “Marge Be Not Proud,” “Homer Goes to College,” “The Summer of 4’2″,” and several other episodes — including the one I ultimately chose.)

Finally, a question about TV (THE BOOK)still on sale, still fun to read (even for TV’s Jon Hamm is talking about it) — prompted me to dig up my original spreadsheet featuring only my scores, to see how different the top 10 might have looked if I’d written the book solo using the same ranking system.

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