‘Awake’ – ‘Guilty’: I am a cop! Looking for my son!

A quick review of tonight’s “Awake” coming up just as soon as I take a few sleeping pills…

“Guilty” was the first episode not written by Kyle Killen (Howard Gordon and Evan Katz were credited on the script), and I was curious to see if there would be a notable change in feel or style. And I think the hour does feel a bit more like a traditional cop show with a twist, and also one that’s a bit more literal in Britten’s movements between the two worlds. In the first two episodes, one case informed the other, but in esoteric ways (i.e., unrelated murders where the victims had the same name), where in this one, he goes to the red world to ask questions of a guy who already died in the green world. Cooper’s not plotting an escape in both worlds, but otherwise, the story and situation are the same, down to Britten busting his ex-partner in both worlds.

But while the idea of the loved one getting kidnapped feels like a very big card to play this early, it does fit in with the theme of the show about how we deal with loss – or, in Mike’s case, how he tries to avoid it. And I thought Jason Isaacs and Dylan Minnette did strong work throughout.

Also no movement on the conspiracy that was introduced at the end of last week. I wasn’t crazy about that scene, and therefore didn’t mind, but I wonder if any of you were bothered that we went back to business as usual instead of more ominous meetings on park benches.

What did everybody else think?