‘Burn Notice’ – ‘Damned If You Do’: The puppet master

The great Snowtober storm and the loss of power/cable that followed has eaten into a lot of my work time this week. I had planned to write a bit about the return of “Burn Notice” and the first episode with the new status quo of Michael and Fi having to dance to Anson’s tune, but that’s unfortunately going to happen, other than me saying that the mid-season premiere was a bit on the dour side. I like Jere Burns a lot, but it’s tough to have fun when Michael and friends are completely boxed in by a clever bastard who can anticipate their every move before they even think of it. I imagine things will get more fun when Michael figures out a little wiggle room and starts fighting back, though, and I’ll check back in towards the end of the season.

What did everybody else think? You happy with where things stand these days?