‘Community’ wins Hulu’s Best in Show 2012

We have a winner in Hulu’s Best in Show contest for 2012, and it’s… “Community.” The Human Beings of Greendale eked out a victory over the zombies of “The Walking Dead” in the final round of the fan contest.

With “Chuck” no longer in contention (or existence), I assumed “Community” would steamroll its way through the whole contest, but credit to Glen Mazzara and the many “Walking Dead” fans who kept on campaigning and voting for their show in this and every previous round. Even with most of the “Community” cast repeatedly tweeting to their fans to vote, it was still a 51-49 margin.

I don’t think these results will factor into NBC’s renewal decision, as they know by now how crazy passionate the “Community” audience is – and also how small it is. If it comes back, it’ll be for other reasons, just as it was a coincidence that “Chuck” got to come back for one final season after winning last year. But I’d still be happy to see that coincidence repeat itself.