‘Dexter’ – ‘Take It!’: Acceptance

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11.15.10 45 Comments

I’ve been behind on “Dexter” posts the last few weeks mainly because I’ve been behind on “Dexter.” But I’m caught up, and since I saw last night’s episode in relative proximity to when it aired, I’ve got a few thoughts coming up just as soon as I get a complete set of luggage…

I’m still feeling mostly ambivalent about this season of the show.

On the one hand, I like a lot of the actors they’ve brought in to work with Michael C. Hall, and agree that immediately following Trinity with another singular big bad wouldn’t work. And of the various characters who’ve learned Dexter’s secret over the years, Lumen’s reaction seems the most human and interesting. (As is Dexter opening himself up to the idea of making a friend in his true identity and not having it be a bad thing.) 

The problem, as always, is that we have seen a number of characters learn the truth in the past, just as we’ve seen cops try to find out what Dexter’s really up to, seen Laguerta choose politics over police work, etc., etc. Some of these variations on old themes are interesting, but they’re still old themes, and there’s no real sense of urgency to the season.

So as always, the show is (in the central Dexter plot, at least) well-crafted enough that I continue to watch to enjoy the performances, but my enthusiasm doesn’t extend much beyond that.

What did everybody else think? Season five working better or worse for you?

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