Draper vs. Draper? Analyzing the ‘Mad Men’ season 6 key art

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03.11.13 47 Comments

We still have about a month to go before the April 7th premiere of “Mad Men” season 6, and given Matt Weiner’s penchant for secrecy, don’t expect much, if any, information about what’s happening – or even, as usual, when it’s happening.

AMC did release one set of clues today, in the form of the season 6 key art, drawn by veteran illustrator Brian Sanders. It’s an intriguing image that raises all sorts of questions and theories about the new season, like:

* Why are there two Don Drapers? Is this a metaphor to represent Don’s dual identity as Dick Whitman, or will he have a literal doppelganger this season? If so, will it be a spy (both “Get Smart” and “Mission: Impossible” its respective masters of disguise were still on the air at this point)? After all of last season’s science fiction talk, will Weiner make a radical shift and introduce clones or time travel? Has Don been split in two like Captain Kirk, with Grey Suit Don representing his good side and Black Suit Don his Bobbie Barrett-groping side?

* Whose hand is he holding? That looks like a blouse Megan might wear, but could Don be stepping out on her already? And the the way the picture is cropped, it almost looks like he’s dating a well-manicured Stop sign.

* Why cops in the background? As we get closer to the end of the ’60s, we’re starting to near the Knapp Commission, Serpico, and a dark period for the NYPD. Will Don or Peggy or even Ginsberg get mixed up in some kind of racket, or run afoul of crooked cops? Will Pete decide the only way to prove his manhood is to pin on a badge? Will the agency be investigated for Lane’s death?

* Where’s the plane going? And who’s on it? Peggy finally took her first plane flight in the season 5 finale (where she got a chance to watch dogs do what dogs do); will she continue her travels this season? Might Don return to Europe? Or to Baltimore to see those stewardesses he and Sal hooked up with? (Pause for sad reflection on Sal’s absence…) Will “Catch Me If You Can” hero Frank Abagnale cross paths with fellow con man Don?

What theories and questions do you have based on this picture? And can April 7th get here already?

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