FX cancels ‘The Bridge’

FX has canceled “The Bridge.”

Nearly three weeks after the crime drama’s second season ended, FX announced they would not be moving forward with a third.

That second season represented a major leap forward in quality from the first, but the ratings simply weren’t there. The only real hope was that FX, which is about to say goodbye to several long-running series in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Justified,” might simply need extra drama inventory, but the writing has seemed on the wall for a while.

At the end of season 2, I asked showrunner Elwood Reid what his expectations were, and he said, “Creatively they are very happy with the show. But as we all know it is a numbers game. I really want a season three and hope I have a chance to keep telling those stories, because I can tell you I have just scratched the surface of this world and these characters.”

Unfortunately, that last shot of Sonya and Marco by the ancient oak tree is the last we’ll see of that world and those characters. Rest in peace, “The Bridge.” Glad I got to know you, even for a little while.

I’m hearing the production company, Shine, will look for a new home for the show, but I never get my hopes up too high for that sort of thing unless it’s “The Killing.”

What does everybody else think? Were you expecting the worst, or hoping for the best?