‘Game of Thrones’ star Alfie Allen on Theon’s torture

Alfie Allen has had a whiplash-inducing experience on “Game of Thrones.” As Theon Greyjoy, boy hostage of the Stark family, he was a relatively minor player in the first season. Then in the second, he had one of the most prominent, clear and interesting character arcs, as Theon betrayed the Starks to get back in the good graces of his cruel father, only to overreach (and murder innocent children) in his attempts to impress dear papa. And he spent virtually all of the third season strapped to a large X-shaped cross, suffering physical and psychological torture at the hands of the sadistic Ramsay Snow (Iwan Rheon), who ultimately mutilated Theon and redubbed him Reek.

And that”s not even mentioning the time that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pranked Allen for three weeks into believing that Theon was going to die in the next episode.

Allen was the first of several “GoT” castmembers I interviewed in New York a few weeks ago, and we spoke about the ups and downs of being Theon, the relationship he and Rheon developed during those months of torture, the sympathetic glances he gets from fans in the street, and more.

NOTE: The final question alludes to some new developments for Theon in season 4, though both Allen and I are vague about it. If you”ve read the books, you know what”s coming; if you haven”t and want to know nothing, stop reading before his answer begins.

How much of the books have you read and at what point did you read them?

Alfie Allen: I”ve read the first two and a half books. I can”t remember if I decided to stop reading them at the end of the first series or somewhere during the second. I”m pretty sure it was at the end of the first series.

Why did you decide to stop?

Alfie Allen: Because I didn”t want to preempt stuff for years and years and start getting down the road and just, you know, torture myself into preempting these emotions. And to pressure myself, basically. I didn”t want to do that for years.