‘Girls’ producers Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner finale interview, part 2

So it turns out there sometimes are word limits even on the internet, and a 9000-word interview with “Girls” producers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner was too much to try to squeeze into a single post. So you can read the first half here, and after the jump, the two women continue to talk about the first season – including more on James Franco, and how fellow producer Judd Apatow predicted every stage of the show’s public and critical reaction – coming up just as soon as I drink some expired Milanta…

The Kathryn Hahn scene is one of a bunch, like the ones with her parents in 106, or Adam at the warehouse party, where you start getting outsider perspective on what’s going on and you”re realizing that things aren’t quite what you think they are and Hannah and Marnie are really these unreliable narrators. Was seen that the intention that you were going for, because you”ve talked before about how this is their point of view and their point of view was just sometimes just wrong.
Lena Dunham: Yeah.
Jenni Konner: Yeah. I mean, I think we”ve always thought that, that they were not reliable narrators. I mean, she calls herself the voice of a generation, like that’s the most extreme.
Lena Dunham: I also like the idea that, in some way, they deserve each other, like they”re both constantly pointing to the other as an example of somebody who has like an incorrect, skewed perception of the world. But it”s almost like if you had half a Hannah and half a Marnie, they would make the most perfectly emotional yet logical woman, yet they can’t sort of see [that] they could actually gain so much from each other but they”re not able to do that right now.
Jenni Konner: They’re the romantic comedy. They”re really sort of that story is the biggest romance in season one.
And they have the big break up scene in 109. Was that planned all along as well, like that they’re going to end the season apart?
Lena Dunham: The big break up was very planned.
Jenni Konner: We knew that that’s what we were heading towards because it was their arc was the most fleshed out of anything when we were plotting out the season.
Lena Dunham: That was really intense to shoot.
Jenni Konner: That was something you came to the party with, I think.You always knew that they were going to break up before we even knew what the show was.