Glad to see me? I guess we’re in the next year!

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01.02.12 23 Comments

Happy New year, everybody! I was on a light schedule last week (though not as light as the TV business itself, which tends to ignore the last couple of weeks of December as much as possible), but I’m back in action big-time this week, as TV’s mid-season begins with a new wave of premieres, plus the start of the Television Critics Association winter press tour later this week.

Over the weekend, we posted a gallery running down most of the notable TV debuts and returns of the next few months (plus some shows not coming back until later in the year), and as you can see, January is going to be pretty damn busy in terms of premieres. I’ll have a review of ABC’s “Work It” coming up a little later today, and I’ll be trying to review as many premieres as possible, given the usual scheduling issues coupled with the insanity that is press tour.

TCA officially kicks off on Wednesday with two days of PBS. Fienberg will be covering the tour wall-to-wall, while my coverage will begin on Friday with NBC’s first day. As always, the tour schedule is so hectic (and the hotel wi-fi so spotty when it comes to streaming video) that the usual episode-by-episode reviewing is going to be less regular than usual while I’m in California. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last couple of weeks watching screeners of the stuff that’s coming, and I’ll be watching more in the run-up to press tour (and during it), but I’m curious which of the new shows you’re most interested in seeing when it debuts.

Should be an interesting year. If nothing else, “Mad Men” will be back in a few months to remind us what the money is for.

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