‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Learns To Grieve In ‘Goodwill’

Senior Television Writer
10.07.17 13 Comments


A few thoughts on tonight’s Halt and Catch Fire coming up just as soon as the secret’s in the cinnamon…

Halt has never been a show about grief, but it has been one about connections, both ones formed in the physical world and in the virtual one that Cameron and others helped to create. And it’s also about what happens when those connections are severed, from Joe walking out on Cardiff to Cameron and Donna’s falling out.

Where there’s life, there’s always hope of connections being restored, as we’ve seen with the mixing and matching of alliances and friendships among the four leads over the years. Gordon’s sudden death in last week’s stunning episode, though, is the end of his story, and the end of his connection with his family and friends, and “Goodwill” does a powerfully understated job of showing not only how each of them are dealing with the loss, but how Gordon was in many ways the glue holding them all together.

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