‘Happy Endings’ – ‘Makin’ Changes’: I don’t want no scrubs

A quick review of last night’s “Happy Endings” coming up just as soon as I have idea face…

“Happy Endings” has been on such a roll this season that I spent much of “Makin’ Changes” simply being surprised that none of it was making me laugh. At one point, I even made a note that both the Brad/Jane story and Penny’s relationship with the Ryan Hansen character seemed like something they might do on “Whitney,” which is a show all about characters taking relationship issues to ridiculous extremes out of a petty need to be proven right.

But of course, “Happy Endings” does these kinds of stories all the time. We’re only a few weeks away from another episode where Jane got dressed up in a ridiculous outfit (and Max in an even more ridiculous one) to win a bet and prove herself right, and I found that one very funny.  But none of this week’s stories worked for me, though I found occasional gags within them funny (Alex’s confusion about a baker’s dozen, Brad falling into all the mousetraps during his “Blackass” taping).

Is there a degree of silliness that even this show shouldn’t push past? Have they just gone to these particular wells once too often this season? Or am I alone in being disappointed with the episode?

What did everybody else think?