HitFix First Look: Dan Harmon and Joel McHale preview the ‘Community’ finale

When I did that lengthy interview with Dan Harmon last month, he seemed unsure about whether this fifth season of “Community” would be the NBC comedy’s last, but he also seemed ready, willing and able to stick around to make the crazy dream of Six Seasons And A Movie into a reality.

Tonight at 8 is the season finale, which may wind up being the series finale, depending on what NBC decides. I’ve seen the episode, and it’s good, and while I don’t want the show to go away yet, this one will be able to function as a series ender if it has to be, just like the season 3 finale (written shortly before Harmon’s year-long absence from the show).

Whatever it winds up being, it’s funny, and here are Harmon, Joel McHale and director Rob Schrab to give you a taste of it, in an exclusive clip.