‘Parenthood’ series finale deleted scenes feature the return of John Corbett

Last night's “Parenthood” series finale (my review is here) featured a whole lot of new developments for the Bravermans, but it didn't have room for everything Jason Katims and company shot. 

In an interview with TVLine, Katims alluded to several scenes he found painful to cut, including the first meeting between Amber and Scott Porter's single dad character, as well as the return of John Corbett as Sarah's ex-husband Seth, who comes back to town to get a first look at his grandson.

NBC just released a trio of deleted scenes from the episode, and while the Amber/Jason Street scene isn't one of them, Seth's poignant return is:

In a more amusing vein: the Original Six Bravermans get together before Sarah's nuptials, mainly so they can recall the many, many, many other men she had flings with over the life of the series before she met Hank:

Finally, while Hank's daughter Ruby appeared briefly a few times in the finale, this deleted scene offers more explicit closure to the arc of their relationship since she and her mom came back from Minnesota: