Review: ‘Community’ – ‘Basic RV Repair and Palmistry’: Flashback fever

A quick review of this week's “Community” coming up just as soon as I wonder what's wrong with me if that's hot…

Don't have much to say about “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry” beyond noting how right Abed was when he admitted there wasn't much story here and he became too focused on the Christopher Nolan flashback gimmick of it as a result. That's the episode in a nutshell: a couple of funny moments (Jeff's reaction to Britta in the giant hand, Abed and the Dean doing the Kid 'N Play dance, Space Elder Britta being just as much of a spaz as present-day Britta) in an episode where there was no real there there, even with Abed delivering the Jeff Winger speech about the meaning of the hand, and even with the vague allusions to the “4 Days Out” episode of “Breaking Bad.”

That said… that final sequence with Matt Besser as the man trying to purchase the giant hand in the hopes that his son (whom he can't admit he accidentally killed by giving him a giant kite) will return was among the stranger and more memorably committed scenes this show has ever done. Harmon, McKenna and company have been having fun with the end of episode tags this season, especially since they no longer have a time limit on episodes, and that thing got to run and run, to the point where it stopped feeling like a redo of the Vince Gilligan tag from last season and became it's own super-weird thing. So there's that.

What did everybody else think?