Review: ‘The Flash’ – ‘Enter Zoom’: Terminal velocity?

A quick review of tonight's “The Flash” coming up just as soon as I have life-size cardboard cut-outs of all my friends handy…

This season's been overcrowded at too many points so far, juggling characters from multiple earths and setting up characters and storylines for “Legends of Tomorrow,” all while trying to service the core members of Team Flash. It's had its moments, but frequently suffered from too much multi-tasking.

“Enter Zoom” kept things relatively simple, though, and was far more effective as a result. In his first extended appearance, the eponymous villain lived up to every bit of hype that Wells and Jay Garrick had given him. The sequence where he carried Barry around Central City like a rag doll, just to make him look bad among his various constituencies, was chilling, and I figured we were in for something bad when he jammed one of his talons into Barry's mid-section.

What did everybody else think? Does Zoom seem a worthy big bad? Does knowing about Wells' daughter change your feelings about him? Are you glad Barry let Linda in on the secret, or do too many people (other than, for now, Patty) know?