Review: Was it time for ‘You’re the Worst’ to host ‘The Last Sunday Funday’?

A review of tonight's You're the Worst coming up just as soon as you hand me the bigifier…

Though the original “Sunday Funday” was one of the most beloved episodes of You're the Worst season 1, it was perhaps the least typical, emphasizing a hang-out vibe over the inverted romantic comedy of previous installments. So it's not surprising that Stephen Falk has seemed ambivalent about continuing the tradition and letting it be the YTW equivalent of the “Bar Wars” episodes from Cheers, nor that he would cut the number of Sunday Funday outings off at three.

For much of “The Last Sunday Funday,” Jimmy essentially gets to be the authorial voice character, objecting to Gretchen's insistence on continuing the tradition at all costs. But rather than try to make the speakeasy scavenger hunt underwhelming so that viewers won't exactly mind that there will be no future Sundays Funday, both Falk and Jimmy give into the adventure of it after a while, while also managing to use the hunt as a way to advance Edgar and Lindsay's stories. The former leads to the episode's visual highlight, as a stoned, happy, and very mellow Edgar decides to try immersion therapy and stands in a vacant lot while the rest of the gang sets of fireworks around him. The latter, meanwhile, sees some rare best friend conflict, as Gretchen finally pushes Lindsay to do something about Paul, one way or the other, which results in Lindsay resolving to stay in the marriage so long as Paul is cool with her having sex with other men. (Paul(*) is not particularly cool about it.)

(*) And now that I've said his name three times, he must appear. Beetlejuice, bitch!

As a fan of “Bar Wars,” the Halloween episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office's Christmas episodes, and other annual sitcom traditions, I wouldn't have minded if Sunday Funday had continued for as long as You're the Worst does. But if the creator's not into it, better to get let it go out with a bang of firecrackers, and a home invasion, and a Jimmy Shive Overly performance of the ragtime classic “Happy Toes.”

What did everybody else think? Is Falk making the right call here, or do you want Sunday Funday to never end?