Review: ‘You’re the Worst’ throws another party with ‘Bad News: Dude’s Dead’

09.14.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

A quick review of tonight's You're the Worst coming up just as soon as I Zumba while I binge-watch Justified

“Bad News: Dude's Dead” functioned as a spiritual sequel to last season's “There Is Not Currently a Problem,” with most of the gang (minus Becca last year, minus Dorothy tonight) partying at Jimmy's house while a darker truth (Gretchen's depression, the death of Jimmy's father) struggled to get out. It generated a lot of laughs from the partying, particularly at Gretchen's childlike glee at the thought of going on a cruise, and the Lindsay/Paul stuff was a slight improvement on last week's monstrosity, in that Paul was in less pain (even if he was using forearm crutches to get around) and Lindsay was reminded of some of the reasons she actually likes him, plus Vernon tends to be more fun when Becca is around. And the promise of Jimmy getting out his heckle file was amusing enough in its own right that I was okay that he never actually got to attempt it. (Vernon, I suspect, was more disappointed.)

The dramatic part of it came mostly at the end, and we'll have to see what the fallout is next week. So far, this season has tried to go lighter than last year, but keep in mind that the depression arc didn't really start landing until midway through season 2, so if Jimmy goes into a full-on spiral with this news, it won't be out of keeping with last year's pattern. But I like where all of this seems to be going.

What did everybody else think?

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