Talkback: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – ‘Bedtime Stories’

Tonight, “How I Met Your Mother” told a trio of stories all in rhyme, with Marshall trying to get Marvin to sleep on the bus to Farhampton. On the one hand, I thought the rhymes themselves were fairly clever, particularly anytime we were back on the bus with Marshall and the other passengers – particularly Tony-winning guest star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who of course was asked to do a rap about the difficulty of rhyming “Canada.” On the other hand, I thought the stories the rhymes were built around were dumb to varying degrees, and represented various latter-day “HIMYM” flaws regarding broad characterization, portrayals of women being stupid, Barney being a superhero, etc.

But these posts are designed to hear what you all have to say, so let’s hear it about “Bedtime Stories.” Did the rhymes make you smile or grit your teeth? Did you enjoy watching NPH play so many roles? Ted’s LeBron grudge? The thought that, as hinted at by the Future Ted narration, it may still be many episodes before Marshall gets to the Inn? 

What did everybody else think?