‘The Good Guys’ – ‘The Dim Knight’: Where’s Walter White when you need him?

A quick review of last night’s “The Good Guys” coming up just as soon as my code for the copy machine works…

Like Todd VanDerWerff over at The AV Club, I thought “The Dim Knight” was a little too busy for its own good, and would have rather the bad guy portion of the hour focus more on the John Woo-esque hitman and his terrified translator. Still, I enjoyed the hour a bunch, and Whitford is definitely growing on me (and the show has wisely tilted more towards comedy since the pilot).

That said, I’m not sure this one’s going to merit weekly reviews. It’s a fun summer diversion (and, assuming Fox sticks to the fall schedule, it should be an entertaining show to kick off the weekend come September), but there’s not much worth analyzing. “Burn Notice” shakes things up weekly in terms of the clients, the undercover identities and strategies that Michael adopts, the larger season story arcs, etc., where the four “Good Guys” episodes have been minor variations on the same amusing theme.

The most notable development here was the idea that Jack and Dan might work their way out of the doghouse (on a case, appropriately, that started off with poisoned dogs), and of course that had to get scotched, Gilligan-style. (Though you would think Jack could have come up with a more convincing lie, like saying The Dim Knight snuck out the back door during the shootout.) There will come a point, however, where the show’s going to have to have the boss confront the way that every minor case these two work eventually leads to crime lords and foreign assassins and a hail of bullets and explosions – even if the way she confronts it is to suggest they stick to minor crimes because they have an uncanny knack for following small trails to bigger prey.

Anyway, I’ll check back in with a review if an upcoming episode is noticeably different. In the meantime, what did everybody else think?

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