‘The Good Place’ Meets ‘Groundhog Day’ In A Delirious Episode

09.28.17 2 years ago 22 Comments

A review of tonight’s The Good Place coming up just as soon as I say “I love you” to a guy in a dark club I mistake for Stone Cold Steve Austin…




If anyone had any doubts about whether Mike Schur and company (here represented by a great script from Megan Amram) had full command of the crazy twist they introduced in the season one finale, “Dance Dance Resolution” should put those to bed for a very long time. In the space of a half-hour — really, in the space of its opening act — it blew up what seemed to be the new premise by blitzing through one reboot after another, Groundhog Day-style, offering just a taste of each (including restaurants featuring gnocchi, hot dogs, and knishes, which Brian ranked) before showing Eleanor and the others figuring things out again and again and again and again. Among the iterations we got a brief glimpse of:

* A La La Land parody where Eleanor’s soulmate is a jazz bro named Sebastian;

* One where Eleanor and Tahani are soulmates (which will lead to much fanfic, if that slash category didn’t exist already);

* Eleanor is a cowgirl;

* Eleanor is the monk;

* Chidi is running from bees;

* Janet has Hamilton tickets, and Daveed Diggs may be coming back! (Okay, not really, but for each reboot, she has a new excuse she uses as part of her default programming to keep Michael from pressing the button.)

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