The Morning Round-Up: ‘Suburgatory’ & ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23’

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05.03.12 22 Comments

It’s morning round-up time, with quick reviews of last night’s “Suburgatory” and “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” coming up just as soon as my new uniform includes a chiffon wristlet…

I suppose it was inevitable that at some point in the life of “Suburgatory,” we’d get a story where Tessa turned into a materialistic Chatswin cartoon character. But even though Jane Levy did a convincing job becoming a mini-Dallas, that aspect of the show has never been one of my favorites, so I wasn’t wild about seeing our sane heroine get sucked into it, even if it’s going to be temporary. And the George/Eden/Noah/Jill quadrangle (or whatever you want to call it) feels too strained in its weirdness thus far. Most of what I enjoyed about “Hear No Evil” came from the Shay family, particularly Lisa’s jubilation at the idea that she might be adopted, but also stray gags like Ryan’s explanation for why he so desperately needed his fart joke book.

Last night’s “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” was the best of the ones ABC let critics see in advance, and probably better than last week’s show (which needed at least 20% more Kiernan Shipka). It did a good job of integrating James Van Der Beek into a roommate storyline (with a little help from Kevin Sorbo) and at building the June/Chloe relationship. That said, watching this episode made me wonder how many more twists and turns their friendship can take before Chloe is either very softened or June looks like an insane person for staying there. But this was a funny one, and for now, that’s all I need from “Don’t Trust the Belushi.”

What did everybody else think?

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