TV Avalanche Podcast, Episode 8: April TV Draft, ’13 Reasons Why’ And More

And on the eighth episode, TV Avalanche finally became a real podcast.

Yes, after a few technical hiccups along the way, the podcast now has its own feed, which means you can subscribe via iTunes, or via many Android podcast apps. (If it’s not available on Stitcher already, it should be soon; approval from some of the individual services takes time.) The iTunes feed is here, and I believe most Android services just subscribe using the SoundCloud feed. All the previous episodes should be available in addition to this week’s new installment; I’ve got all of them downloaded on my iPhone right now.

Sorry this took longer than planned, but we hope you like the content even more now that it’s easier to access, and we promise not to bug you too often for iTunes ratings and reviews, which we are told help enormously in the visibility of any new podcast.

For our last podcast of March, we decided to start by looking ahead to the insane TV month of April, first by running through the reasons why so many prestige shows are premiering or returning in the same month, then with a a fantasy-style draft where Brian and I each chose five April shows we’re particularly excited about.

After that, we discussed Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, which you may already know that I liked, and then moved onto listener mail about Amazon’s latest pilot season — and whether the whole “let’s crowdsource our pilots” idea even makes sense anymore — whether the end of The Knick and Cinemax’s exit from the prestige TV business is a sign that the Peak TV bubble may finally be bursting, and we look at some recent series that might have benefited from shorter seasons.

As usual, you can send questions to, or tweet using the hashtag #TVAvalanche.

And while you can now download the episodes to various podcast apps, you’re also welcome to stream the latest episode below.

The rundown:

00:00-03:08 Introduction and announcing our podcast feed
03:09-38:08 April TV preview & draft
38:09-47:30 13 Reasons Why
47:58-57:26 Listener mail: Amazon’s new pilot season
57:27-01:02:20 Listener mail: Cinemax getting out of prestige TV business
01:02:21-01:07:44 Listener mail: Shows that needed shorter seasons