TV Trivia: Answer correctly and you could win a signed copy of ‘TV (The Book)’

On September 6th, TV (The Book) – my reunion with former Star-Ledger partner Matt Zoller Seitz, in which we picked the top 100 American sitcoms and dramas of all time, ranked them, and wrote essays about them – will be released. You can pre-order it now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or your favorite indie bookseller. Matt and I are really proud of the thing – which, beyond the top 100, also features essays on TV's best miniseries and movies,  the best current shows (since, with a few long-running or on-hiatus exceptions like The Simpsons and Louie, we considered current series ineligible for the top 100), live broadcast plays of the '50s, and various sentimental favorites that we couldn't resist writing about – and we can't wait for the public at large to get a look at it. (Or, if you prefer the audiobook version – recorded by us, which means you will get to at times hear our poor vocal impressions of Homer Simpson, Don Draper, and Leslie Knope, among others – give it a listen.)

If, however, you would prefer to try to win a free – and signed – copy of TV (The Book), HitFix is hosting a contest over the next week to give 10 away.

Here's how it will work:

* I'll be asking questions about the book – which will require you to guess based on your knowledge of TV history and/or my taste and Matt's – via Twitter at noon Eastern on Monday through Friday of this coming week. For example, we could ask you to guess the name of a show created by Norman Lear, or David Milch, that's featured in the book.

* Answer correctly – and there are multiple correct answers for every question – with a quote retweet, and you will be entered to win a signed copy of TV (The Book).

* 10 winners will be announced on September 6th at noon Eastern.

* This post will be updated each day with an embed of the latest tweet, so bookmark it if you don't want to stalk Twitter.

* For legal reasons, the contest is open to U.S. residents only, and no P.O. Boxes for shipping.

Make sense? Book ordering info, plus information on a few of the public appearances we'll be making in support of the book, can be found at