What’s Alan Watching — And The Rest Of HitFix — Is Moving To Uproxx!

When I left for my vacation last week, I promised some big blog news upon my return. Well, you’ve probably already noticed the main part of it, since it got done ahead of schedule before I returned from my trip: What’s Alan Watching — and all of HitFix, for that matter — is now a part of Uproxx.

Earlier this year, Uproxx‘s parent company acquired HitFix, and while the two sites functioned independently for a while, it eventually made the most sense to combine our forces. So as of today, you can find all my stuff — both new material and the complete archive of my 6-plus years at HitFix (along with all the old comments) — at Uproxx.com/sepinwall. Donna Dickens, Jill Pantozzi, and others will continue covering comics, sci-fi, and other genre fare at Uproxx.com/hitfix.

There will be technical kinks to be worked out — starting with rebuilding the various hubs to find my reviews of specific shows, from Lost and Breaking Bad back in the day to Game of Thrones and Westworld in the present — and if you spot a specific bug, feel free to write me at sepinwall@uproxx.com and I can pass it along to the programmers who are handling the site integration.

But in terms of the content, this will be me continuing to do what I do, just with a new URL, some tweaks to the layout, and perhaps a new podcast in the not-too-distant future.

Back later today with some thoughts on a new drama debuting tonight with literal Breaking Bad DNA, and then some other stuff throughout the week. In the meantime, stretch out and make yourselves comfortable in the new digs. I’m very glad to be here as part of a team with Brian Grubb, Mike Ryan, Keith Phipps, Brett Michael Dykes, and the rest of the Uproxx crew.

Plus, now I get to feel like I was also insulted by Erlich Bachman….