‘Whitney’ – ‘First Date’: Crazy game

A quick review of last night’s “Whitney” coming up just as soon as I wear my dressy Crocs…

In my initial review of this show, I said I didn’t like the pilot but felt there could be a decent show there one day if they cut out all the schtick and just let Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia hang out together. Well, “First Date” was even more Whitney/Alex-centric than the pilot, and yet almost more schticky, with Whitney going so deep into another role playing game as to seem not only insane, but incredibly annoying. When one of her friends made the joke about Chris sending a text to 1992, I thought, “Yeah, and 1992 sent this storyline back, along with a note saying that 1978 didn’t have much use for it, either.” So, so stupid.

I like D’Elia, and I’m starting to like Rhea Seehorn – or maybe I just appreciated that her character was the only one to repeatedly point out how stupid this all was – but if the pilot left me with a tiny shred of optimism, “First Date” dashed all hope early and often.

The ratings last week were good – better retention of “The Office” than “Parks and Rec” tended to get last spring – and though I’m sure the numbers will drop for last night, and going forward, the show started out so high, and so many other NBC shows and nights are disasters, that I can’t see the network moving this anytime soon. So we’re stuck with “Whitney” on the night – if not in our lives – and maybe I’ll watch a later episode to see if it ever got better, but this is a show I have no interest in continuing with right now.

Did anybody come back for week 2? If so, what did you think?