‘You’re The Worst’ Lives Up To Its Name In ‘A Bunch Of Hornballs’

Senior Television Writer

A review of tonight’s You’re the Worst coming up just as soon as I bite into a chess piece…

After last week’s melancholy Gretchen spotlight, You’re the Worst was back in a more traditional mode with “A Bunch of Hornballs.”

Maybe too traditional.

I have a bunch of reasons for not enjoying this episode, but the biggest of those was how unearned and rushed the climax felt. It should be a relief to have Gretchen and Jimmy communicating again, and presented in splitscreen as they often have in various key moments of their relationship, but I was as puzzled as Jimmy as to why it was happening now. The episode laid a bit of groundwork in the forced smile on Gretchen’s face after Boone gets excited about the idea of their relationship becoming more serious. We know how self-destructive Gretchen can be — most of “Not A Great Bet” was about that — so it’s not hugely out of character for her to turn to Jimmy to sabotage things with Boone right when they’re going so well. But given how justifiably furious Gretchen is with Jimmy for how he broke their engagement — not to mention how much more material there seems to be in the idea of her revenge war against him — this feels like much too soon for her to be making a friendly phone call to him, even if things don’t progress much beyond that yet. We’ll see what’s to come, but it played like the writers hitting the panic button right along with Gretchen and retreating to more familiar territory, whether or not it makes sense.

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