‘You’re The Worst’ Keeps Jimmy And Gretchen Apart For ‘It’s Been’

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09.06.17 6 Comments


You’re the Worst is back for a fourth season, and I have a review of the premiere coming up just as soon as I refer to s’mores as “fluffergrams”…

The third season of You’re the Worst was an uneven one that for the first time in the series’ run had me questioning if Gretchen and Jimmy’s extreme damage and dysfunction was enough to override the inherent challenges of making an ongoing comedy about a couple in a relatively happy relationship(*). But the finale was terrific, and having Jimmy flee Gretchen only moments after she had accepted his marriage proposal showed that even Stephen Falk knew the relationship, and the series, needed a shake-up.

(*) No, happy couples do not ruin TV shows. They just require more effort and imagination than stories about single people pining for each other.

The two-part “It’s Been” — smartly aired on the same night so the audience could get some concentrated alone time with Jimmy, and then Gretchen, before their stories start to converge again — got the new phase of the series off to a very promising start. The Jimmy half evoked previous YTW short story-style episodes like the one about Edgar’s PTSD, or Gretchen stalking the neighbors, while Gretchen’s was a slightly more traditional outing, set in LA and featuring several members of the larger ensemble(*), even if all the roles are now reversed, with Lindsay and Edgar having good jobs while Gretchen is a hot mess who smokes crack and stays indoors for months on end.

(*) That episode and the one airing next week suggest you should be prepared for many elaborate excuses for why Honey Nutz isn’t with Sam and Shitstain in a particular scene, since Allen Maldonado is now very busy (with a schedule that includes a regular role on Tracy Morgan’s new TBS comedy).

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