All Anderson Silva Wants To Do Is F**k This Cheeseburger

08.26.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

How does UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva stay in good enough shape to kick Vitor Belfort’s teeth down his throat? By eating at Burger King, of course! Why, Muay Thai striking is practically synonymous with “ranch sauce”, isn’t it?

Feast your eyes (and hopefully nothing else) on this Brazilian Burger King ad featuring The Spider lip-synching to Minnie Riperton’s Solid Gold Hit “Lovin’ You”, the moving ’70s ballad most famously sung by John Stamos (‘s brother) on an episode of South Park. The ad, which features Silva wearing fight gloves and sitting in what looks like a hookah bar near some porcelain dogs, is funny and sorta bizarre, especially if you listen to the lyrics too closely or notice the birds chirping in the background. Conceptually I guess it isn’t any weirder than Manny Pacquiao singing “Sometimes When We Touch” (and being extremely serious about it), but Manny wasn’t trying to put his dick in the Steakhouse XT.

If Silva can make it past Yushin Okami tomorrow night, he’s gonna take everybody out for those little wedges of mousse pie in cardboard boxes.

[h/t Cage Potato]

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