Bob Sapp's KSW 19 Training Video Features Egg Vomiting, Exploding Pillows

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.09.12 5 Comments

What you’re supposed to get from watching this video: Bobb Sapp is fighting Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 on May 12.

What you actually get from watching this video: A sinus headache, followed by the assumption that Bob Sapp is a megalomaniacal Japanese super villain who can’t properly eat eggs, can punch a pillow so hard it explodes and stole his best trash talking bits from that part in The Goonies where Corey Feldman puts his tongue through a painting. Also, he’s fighting someone named Mario.

Of course, no matter how dumb this video is (or how sad Bob Sapp gets, because seriously, all I see when I look at him now is two minutes of Bobby Lashley throwing humping elbows) it’s an episode of ‘Cosmos’ compared to that horrible “how to rape a lady and get your dick bitten by a transsexual” thing Rampage Jackson pulled last week. It’s easier for me to accept the “it’s just a joke” defense when it’s a guy biting eggs and laughing like M. Bison.

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