Cam Newton Plowed Through Multiple Defenders For A Touchdown And A Dab

11.13.16 1 year ago

Much has been made of the fact that Cam Newton has been getting hit a lot in ways that have been flagged for other quarterbacks. One of the theories for why that could be is Cam’s sheer size, and while it shouldn’t be an excuse, plays like the one above in the Panthers’ game against the Chiefs on Sunday make you sympathize with the refs a little bit.

Cam is just a Mack truck with an arm, and on this designed QB run from a few yards out, he drove straight through about four or five Chiefs, getting stopped and pumping his legs to make it over the goal line. It was an impressive show of raw power from Newton, but also a bit of graceful athleticism with the way that he kept his knees off the ground for that final push.

We haven’t seen the dab in a little bit out of Cam, but after such a beastly run, he just couldn’t help himself. The Panthers haven’t had a great season so far, but they’re looking like the NFC champions of last season against a very good Chiefs team. With the NFC South as topsy-turvy as always, the Panthers could still make a run to the postseason.

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