The Worst Part About Cross-Country Meets: Being Murdered By Bears

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10.05.12 8 Comments

There are a lot of great reasons to run; it improves your cardiovascular health, prevents muscle and bone loss, improves coordination and can help you both lose weight and gain confidence. On the other hand, there are negative aspects to running, such as BEARS FINDING YOU AND ATTACKING YOU AND KILLING YOU.

While this story isn’t that severe, it’s a great cautionary tale about how you should never run unless you’re running from something. Two cross-country teams from Camas High School in Washington had their meets delayed due to bear sightings, including an amazingly dramatic event on Tuesday that ended when an adult runner who’d been jogging ahead of the pack came back to warn everyone that (and allow me to italicize this) a group of unsuspecting teens were charging into a bear attack.

A local news report of the sightings with video and photo of the bear in question (who doesn’t look particularly ferocious, but in a fight between cross-country teens and a bear, I’m picking the f**king bear) is below.

“Our number one priority is to make sure that the kids are safe and that we don’t take chances with them,” Camas High athletic director Josh Gibson told KGW.

First order of business: everybody joins the chess team and stays the hell indoors.

[h/t to Prep Rally]

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