Giancarlo Stanton Hit Another Mammoth Home Run And A Fan Snagged It With His Bare Hand

05.16.15 4 years ago

Giancarlo Stanton continues to absolutely punish baseballs at an alarming rate. He’s becoming quite notorious for providing souvenirs to fans who would typically be in no position to catch a home run ball. Heck, you don’t even have to be INSIDE the stadium to get your hands on a Giancarlo dinger. On Saturday afternoon, Stanton once again postmarked a baseball for the cheap seats when he launched a 474-foot bomb into the upper deck in dead center field at Marlins Park.

As impressive as Giancarlo’s moonshot was, the one-handed snag made by a fan in center may have been more impressive. With the ball traveling a projected 115-mph towards him, the gutsy Miami fan reached over the railing and made a great one-handed grab with his bare flesh. That sounds painful and – judging from the dude’s reaction once the adrenaline wore off – it was.

Arguably the craziest part of this story is the fact that, ultimately, the guy didn’t even keep the ball. Instead, he handed it off to his buddy, who is a huge fan of Stanton. I don’t care how much you love Giancarlo, if I make a highlight-reel grab and endure a stinger in the process, there’s no way I’m not keeping that souvenir for myself. This guy is clearly a better friend than I’ll ever be.

(Via Cut4)

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