If You Aren’t Tired Of The Hitler Reacts To Stuff Meme, Here’s Another One (And Links)

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Somebody make “Sh*t Tim Tebow Says”!

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UPROXX Discussion: The Best And Worst Rap Beefs Of All-Time – The best part is the link back to Danger Guerrero’s Tina Fey article where he gets all indignant about local convenience stores. Philadelphia is awesome, but not because of the places you get gas, dude. [UPROXX]

The Fifteen Greatest ’30 Rock’ Pop Culture References – Speaking of Tina Fey, I had a weird experience yesterday … I’ve been hearing everywhere how good season 5 of 30 Rock was, so I sat down to watch some of it on Netflix. That’s when I realized I’d already SEEN ALL of it and forgotten it in total. Welp! [Warming Glow]

On John Wall, The Wizards & The Case of Young Talent on Bad Teams – I may never be able to think of John Wall as a basketball player again, he’s just that guy who can’t throw a baseball. [Smoking Section]

WALL-ETHEUS Is Eager To Find Some Life Forms – The worst part about doing something creative in 2012: the Internet immediately eats it and sh*ts it out. [Gamma Squad]

The Dog from The Artist Has all the Right Moves – Now we just need to teach a wolf how to ride on the roof of a moving car. [Film Drunk]

Bronies Before Hoenies: Photos And Videos From The 2012 Winter BroNYCon – I understand what it feels like to love something uncool, but I don’t need a situation where I dress up as my favorite wrestler and go to a building where everyone else is dressed up like wrestlers, and I don’t need to blow anybody wearing a Gobbeldy Gooker costume. [UPROXX]

30 Of The Most Depressing Toddlers & Tiaras Animated Gifs On The Internet – These little girls are all going to be Courtney Stodden someday, obsessed with themselves and tweeting in alliteration. [Buzzfeed]

Flava Flav and Dee Snider Have a Crazy-Off on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ – Remembering people from my childhood would be awesome if they hadn’t gotten all Gollum’d out by fame. [The FW]

The 11 Crappiest Movies Of Michael Douglas’ Career – Disclosure will always be the worst to me. Demi Moore had a thing going where she’d do message movies and make them look like Cinemax. G.I. Jane, I’m looking in your direction. [Brobible]

The Muppets Invade Movies: A Gallery – In a better world, The Muppets would’ve been a colossal hit and Jim Henson would’ve risen from his grave with googly eyes to accept an Oscar. Oh well. [Unreality]

The Smell of Napalm in the Morning: The Supercut – Somebody needs to convert Apocalypse Now into 3D in post, and into smell-o-vision. [High Definite]

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