UFC Fighter Josh Samman Is In A Coma And Fighting For His Life

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UFC middleweight fighter Josh Samman was found unresponsive in his south Florida home yesterday and is in critical condition. His roommate, Troy Kirkingburg, was found dead at the scene. According to Tampa MMA announcer and friend of Samman’s Christopher J. Rothstein, Samman is on a respirator and in a coma.

He updated his Facebook page with:

“Been kind of numb since yesterday when I heard the news that Combat Night and Island Fights ring announcer Troy Kirkingburg passed away, and XFC veteran, co-owner of Combat Night promotions, UFC fighter and most of all my friend Josh Samman, who was with Troy, is in the hospital fighting for his life, in intensive care, in a coma, on a respirator,” Rothstein wrote on his Facebook page. “Hard to think about the situation without tears coming to my eyes.”

You can read the full post here:

The MMA Community has been blindsided by this news:

Samman recently released his autobiography The Housekeeper: Love, Death & Prizefighting, which is truly one of the best accounts of what it’s like to train and get in the cage. Samman was as skilled with a pen as he was his fists. We hope he recovers and makes it back to normalcy.

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