Knuckleball The Movie: Not A Funny Or Die Sketch, Amazingly

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08.23.12 6 Comments

In the best example of a documentary turning a mundane task into high drama since King Of Kong’s Steve Wiebe had to choose between breaking the world Donkey Kong record or wiping his kid’s butt, FilmBuff’s Knuckleball turns “throwing a knuckleball” into a mystical fraternity of dudes who throw a ball a certain way despite it turning them into the worst and most ostracized people in the world.

This classic sports story recounts the 2011 journey of the last professional knuckleball pitchers: Tim Wakefield, a 17-year Red Sox veteran, and Mets up-and-comer R.A. Dickey. Together with just four other living knuckleballers, they shine a light on their remarkable brotherhood and the shared pursuit of honor and craftsmanship. (via YouTube description)

All joking (and melodrama) aside, I love a good baseball documentary, so I can’t wait for this. R.A. Dickey holding a chain-link fence, wishing every child could learn to throw a knuckleball is exactly what I want from a knuckleball movie anyway.

You can check out the full trailer below.

Know if you’ll excuse me, I need to make a Kickstarter for Suicide Squeeze!, my documentary about the only play in baseball that requires you to die.

[via Fark Sports]

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