Nate Diaz Was A Goofball In His Full ‘Conan’ Appearance

If you had to predict a few years ago which Diaz brother would eventually end up on Conan, you would’ve probably guessed Nick. He is (was?) the bigger star, he enjoyed watching weird YouTube videos and talking about conspiracy theories and he was just the more personable of the two. Right?

Maybe not. Now we’re hearing those surreal words come out of Conan’s mouth: from Stockton, California — Nate Diaz! Yes, the same dude who threw double middle fingers when he had a fully locked-in triangle on Kurt Pelligrino all those years ago is walking out from behind a curtain to be on a late night show. It warms an MMA fan’s heart.*

The whole interview really showed how far Nate’s come as a needle mover. The dude is straight up endearing now, and the interview was a good one. Much to the UFC’s dismay, Conan started out by wondering aloud why Nate would think the UFC would screw him. Of course, Nate explained in Diaz fashion why he wanted a physical paycheck rather than getting his cash direct deposited.

As we know, Conor McGregor would eventually show up and ruin Nate’s special night by mocking Nate’s favorite black shirt, which is an unforgivable sin, and probably breaks every code in the fighter book.

*I wiped away a tear after that sentence.