With Leather Live Discussion: NBA Finals – Game 1

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06.12.12 452 Comments

Back on March 25, when the Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Miami Heat, there was a brave sports writer somewhere out there who scratched his ass and burped as he shouted: “Potential Finals Matchup!” A bold prediction, indeed, as the Thunder and Heat were two of the top teams in the NBA at that point, but whichever omnipotent scribe was the quickest to get that phrase down on paper is undoubtedly patting himself on the back right now.

As for that matchup, the Thunder won handily, defeating the Heat 103-87. When the two teams met again two weeks later, though, the Heat proved with a 98-93 victory that they wouldn’t be pushovers if this was indeed a preview. Hopefully we can expect the same intensity out of both teams when Game 1 starts tonight at the “Thunderdome” in OKC.

Join us tonight for our Game 1 live discussion, as we make bold predictions – remember, I already picked the Heat to win the whole thing, so people better call me on it if I pretend otherwise – and snarky comments about officiating. I’ve also got some more With Leather t-shirts to give away*and we also have another super cool, exclusive badge to give away. Share your participation in tonight’s discussion on Facebook and Twitter and you can snare your very own Boshtrich badge. Remember, they say the Boshtrich has less fat but that you eat more of it.

See you all tonight, and please bring your hot sisters with you.

*A few people never claimed their shirts from the March Madness live discussions, so if that’s you, email me at BurnsyWL@gmail.com since you don’t like responding to my emails.

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