Serena is a Hypocrite for Wearing Underwear, Not Wanting to Be Stalked

05.13.11 8 years ago 9 Comments

…or so says Greg Couch, a Sporting News reporter and former Chicago Sun-Times columnist who said Serena Williams’ new Twitter avatar, featuring the tennis star in her underwear, “suggested something about common sense and hypocrisy.” In a classic case of blaming the victim, Couch says the photo is “reckless” and “might not be too far off” from someone filming Erin Andrews through a peephole. But he makes sure to mention that it was “sexy.” Okay.

From Couch’s rant:

It’s a sexy photo, she looks great and it’s not pornographic. To be honest, I would actually find it to be somewhat artistic if it weren’t for the serious business of stalking women. What was her message anyway? What was she trying to say? Just this: Look at me.

Instead, what she was saying was this: Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.


Yeah, really. Huh? What is it about former Chicago Sun-Times columnists? Is there a “do you hate women, yes/no” question on the application?

Couch was quick to explain that his column wasn’t intended to blame the victim, he’s just saying she’s asking for it because of the way she dresses. He also jumped on Twitter to explain that he works for the Sporting News, but that this column is personal, and not for the Sporting News. If the stalker had gotten into her house and killed her, would Couch be asking how her death will affect the U.S. Open? The Sporting News is always trying to be like ESPN these days.

Also funny/awful is this little nugget.

Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as gritty as Serena’s.

Say, what’s the major difference between those three skinny light-skinned girls and Serena Williams? I’m just asking on behalf of my own blog, not With Leather.

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