So, Canada’s ‘Fight Xchange’ Seems Like Wholesome Family Programming

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05.30.13 7 Comments
“You don’t know what white power is aboat, bro.”

I am digging Canada’s heel turn.

At some point, they just decided to destroy the stereotype that Canadians are mild-mannered, polite Ice Yokels and just be horrible to everybody. They bring Boston Marathon bombing parody signs to hockey games. Their mayors smoke crack. They more or less want to murder Mexico and now their MMA shows have gone from the gentle “let me bang, bro” of US programming to full on gay slurs and racism.

It starts off like classic Canada … a show called ‘Fight Xchange’ (without the E, because the 2010s are like the late 90s in Canada) on the preciously-named ‘Super Channel.’ It’s got that normal reality show thing where people sit around eating breakfast and bleeping curse words at each other. You start to find out that Brazilians are competing against Canadians, and that’s all well and good, and then BOOM, a dude with a nose stud is pursing his lips and straight up calling his opponent the N-word, the F-word, and probably a bunch of other horrible alphabet words that didn’t make air.

Here’s the clip. NSFW language alert, obviously.

That … charming gent is Mike Imperato. I guess he only muster those specifically-worded opinions when he was alone in front of a camera, and now that the show is getting clipped across the Internet, shit has gotten real and challenges are being made.

Case in point:

So yeah, what’s going on with you, Cananda? Are you feeling all right? You should probably lie down. Or build a wall between you and something. Those things always make us feel better.

[h/t to Middle Easy, by way of Jessica Hudnall]

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